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Our Quality Policy

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Our Quality Policy

1. Customer-Focused Policy; Providing Customer Needs and Satisfaction by setting expectations
Our customers' requests / needs and their expectations to understand fully and correctly, to plan any work to be done, for the first time do complete and accurate work, make it a principle, to identify customer needs and expectations and keep customer satisfaction at the highest level. 

2. Satisfaction of Our Employees and Development
Considering that our employees are the most important factors that make our quality, to ensure the development of our employees, ensure food safety and to further improve our quality day by day, continuing education as an integral part of the family HELTA FOOD INDUSTRY. 

3. Win-Win Relationship with Our Customers and Suppliers
Work with our suppliers and we are in relationship with our customers long-term, good faith and based on the principles of honesty, establish open relation, “win-win" relationship within the mutually has to contribute and support development Food Safety and Quality sense. 

4. Continuous Improvement and Development
Using technology we have, with the participation of our employees, Quality and Food Safety Management System of development and to ensure the continuity. 

5. Protection of Human Health and Hygiene
We have made food production never without ignoring, take the human health to the forefront by applying the right thing at all times and under all conditions, to produce in hygienic conditions, leave a clean environment for future generations, to avoid actions and behaviors to disrupt the balance of nature 

6. Regulatory Compliance 
To make production appropriate for T. C. Food legislation and customer requirements.