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Tahini Production

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Tahini Production

Tahini is a food product obtained by grinding carefully selected high quality white sesame seeds in mills through various stages such as washing, peeling, roasting, sieving, foreign matter control. It consists only of sesame. In tahini production, HACCP principles are applied in the whole process from the purchase of raw materials to reaching the ultimate consumer.

HELTA Tahini
Tahini does not need any additives due to its high antioxidant content.
Due to its high fat, (55-60%), protein (25%) and calcium content, it keeps you full and gives energy all day long. With vitamins, valuable minerals, high-quality fatty acids, antioxidants and gut-friendly prebiotic fibers, tahini is an excellent food.

Tahini; It is used in tahini halva, in the pastry and bakery industry, used as a confectionery preparations, at breakfast by mixing with molasses or honey, as a sauce in tahini pita breads, hummus, piyaz and salads, as dips in chips and fried foods.

Tahini is naturally gluten-free. It is an allergenic food because it is produced from sesame. In tahini, oil rises to the surface over time, and the paste part sinks to the bottom. This is a purely physical event. It does not indicate that the product is spoiled or stale. You need to mix it before use. Shelf life is two years in a cool, dry, odorless and dark place.